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How to do freestyle soccer tricks

Hi I’m Brendon and I’m goner show you how to do freestyle soccer tricks

* First I’m goner show you step by step.

Step 1: Find an empty grass area and a ball

Step 2: to Learn that the first step to doing freestyle soccer tricks is by learning to control the ball. You can do this by juggling the ball on your feet. Practice until you are sure of your abilities.

Step 3: Know that once you have done juggling,try balancing the ball on your feet, thighs, head, chest and back, this will take a long time to master.just like me it took 2 to 3 years to learn and be better at it.

Step 4: Try to move the ball to other parts of your body, for example, while holding on your foot, try to kick it up to balance it on your chest.and sometime this can take a lot of time to master.

Step 5: Watch other people on youtube and learn how to do different ticks and skills like the famous people in the history of soccer.

Step 6: Another trick is to balance the ball on your foot and quickly (and this also takes a lot of time then all the other tricks i have showed you guys) move your foot around the ball and catch it so it balances on your foot.

By Brendon and good bye

I can use more paragraphs in genius hour

One thought on “Genius hour

  1. Hi Brendon,

    I am really interested in your Genius Hour topic. I would love you to show me some of your tricks one day, or maybe you could post a video on this page of the tricks you can do.

    From Fiona

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