Term 3 inquiry



What we did

We played a gold rush game.

what i learnt

I learnt what things i have to use with minding gold and going to the forest Or anywhere

my wonderings

i wonder if you could keep gold in all country’s.



what we did

filed out a paper to let you in to australia.

what i  learnt

i learnt ww2 started in 1945

My wonderings

I wonder why they have to sign papers to get into Australia




what we did

We made a paper old finishing boat.

what i learnt

The same country vs the same  country

my wonderings

I wonder why the same country vs the country.




what we did

We read infomation about refuges.

what i learnt

I learnt what a refuge is and what happens to them.

my wonderings




what at i did

we watched a video and then we looked at a aboriginal art painting.

What i learnt

how to make aboriginal art painting

my wonderings

i wonder how long it takes them to make a art painting.




What I did

We watched a video then we talked about convict

what i learnt

That England sent prisoners to new South Wales.

my wonderings

I wonder what happened to the aboriginals





















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