Proforming arts

Proforming arts

this term we have to find out about a country and Kalyan and I we are doing thing from chile.

we have found out That a mandolin is the most used insterment in chile.

chilean national dance is cueca

The chile national anthem and the most used instrument is the trumpets.






Hamish cooper ethan kelly

they had had good effects with the smoke and the speaker

it also had good imagination


oliva Hayley

They had good eqipment and facial expression




Tyla zion

They had  good props and facial expressions and movement


estelle and nausica

they had music and facial expressions and movement q


Semester 2 reflection



1.In heritage project is how different other country’s are to australia.

2.Theres different instruments in every country.

3.How people have different dances and different ideas in olsc got talent.

4.I learnt how other country’s do different dances and show them in person.

5.I learnt other people can learn different things in there country’s.


1. Looking up all the different things like food and drinks and instruments.

2. Finding all different insterments in my country’s.

3.Judging all of the people for olscs got talent.

4.I have enjoyed doing the acts for olsc got talent and other people judging us.

5.I enjoyed searching for different thing for the country Chile.




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